Little Guys Movers love their little office buddies.
Raleigh, NC - 03/29/2017

With a Little Help from Our Friends

Little Guys have some of the best office help around! Behold the majesty of our furry little friends here in Raleigh. (They make pretty great models for our merch, don’t they?) An average workday around here gets a bit brighter when one of thee guys visits. They remind us the importance of balancing work and play. Just another reason why we have the best job ever!

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Worried about the big move? Save yourself some stress and call Little Guys Movers.
Lexington, KY - 03/27/2017

With a big move coming up, you can’t go wrong with a free, no-obligation estimate from Little Guys Movers.

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The coast, the mountains, the plains, and everywhere in between. Are you ready to go places with Little Guys?
Greensboro, NC - 03/22/2017

Now hiring excellence. Apply today.

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A long distance move is no problem for Little Guys Movers.
Fort Collins, CO - 03/21/2017

Where will your next move take you?

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Celebrate 25 years strong with Mike the Little Guy!
Little Guys Movers - 03/16/2017

Little Guys Movers is proud to be 25 years strong! To celebrate a quarter-decade of success, we’re sending Mike the Little Guy on a grand adventure to see everything we get to see...

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Little Guys Movers know that when there is no path, one must make one’s own path.
This giant, 300 lbs mail sorter is no match for these Little Guys, who are pros at moving the big stuff.
Austin, TX - 03/13/2017

You’re never out of moving options when you can call Little Guys Movers.

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Don’t move alone. Don’t break down the big stuff by yourself. Let Little Guys Movers help!
Wilmington, NC - 02/26/2017

So you’re planning your move. What are you going to do with the stuff you need to take apart to load up?

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Little Guys Movers knows that moving can be a magical thing.
San Marcos, TX - 02/24/2017

There’s something a little bit magical about being a mover.

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The Norman location of Little Guys Movers once again honored with an Angie’s List Super Service Award!
Norman, OK - 02/21/2017

The Norman location of Little Guys Movers has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award for Moving Services every year since they joined the service in 2012. Winning the 2016 Award was a continuation of that honor!

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